Dream winery for sale in Paso Robles AVA

Premiere Paso Robles winery for sale

PASO ROBLES, Ca.- Pacifica Commercial Realty has recently listed a winemaker’s dream property, Burbank Ranch in Templeton. It is not just that Burbank is located within the spectacular Terroir of the El Pomar District of Paso Robles AVA, but it is also Burbank’s unique custom farming practices that help make the finest wines possible.

Planted in 2008, this Paso Robles winery grows 16 grape varietals and 78,573 vines. To custom farm these varietals for the winemaker, Steve Anglim, Burbank began with very careful soil mapping of the ranch with deep backhow pits. With the assistance of the consulting firm, KVCS, the vineyard was laid out to maximize its unique growing zones, sunlinght alignments, and drainages. Based on these variables Burbank optimized the choice of each varietal and clone. By taking into account differences in temperature and soil type, the vineyard was planted to maximize the winemaker’s opportunity to celebrate the character of each grape.

Burbank’s vineyard manager, Rubin Nodal, has the challenge of not only caring for vines planted at 1,746 vines per acre through careful pruning and training, but also in building up and maintaining the soil profile. Nodal’s philosophy is to replace nutrients the vines use each growing season. To achieve this result, Nodal has amended the vineyard each winter with more than 400+ tons of mushroom compost, using its unique blend of nutrients to rebuild the soil.

In addition to the annual composting, Nodal also farms with a careful blend of cover crops to enhance fertility and biological diversity in the root zone. The cover crops include large bean, bell beans, oats, and barley to both improve the soil health and maintain soil moisture. In order to enhance the drought tolerance of the vineyard, Nodal rototills the cover crop into the soil in the spring.

Finally, Burbank Ranch has a very unique source of clear clean water. Unlike so many other vineyards in the area, Burbank water is so clear that it need not be filtered. To improve water transfer into to the root zone Nodal injects surface active agents into irrigation water. Even though Burbank Ranch is blessed with a plentiful water supply, Burbank farming practices use less water than comparable vineyards, which is so important for sustainable farming in drought years.

When it is all said and done, Burbank Ranch is not only extremely sustainable but also a winemaker’s dream. Nodal’s careful farming practices has proven itself as measured by crop production figures over the years. Most important, these practices have provided the winemaker with impressive grape quality and flavor profiles. “With this vineyard, we can and do make some of Paso Robles’ finest wines,” said Steve Anglim-winemaker.

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