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Pacifica Wine Division - Wine Metrics Infographic

Vineyard Metrics

Tons of grapes per acre:  Low Yield: 2.5 tons  –  Modest Yield: 4.5 tons

Pounds of grapes per acre: Low Yield: 8,000 lbs  –  Modest Yield: 5,550 lbs

Pounds of grapes per vine:  Low Yield: 7.34 lbs  –  Modest Yield: 5.05 lbs

Pounds per grape cluster: Low Yield: .31 lbs  –  Modest Yield: .21 lbs

Bottles of wine per vine: Low Yield: 2.94 bottles  –  Modest Yield: 2.02 bottles

Bottles of wine per cluster: Low Yield:  .12 bottles  –  Modest Yield:  .08 bottles

Bottles of wine in a ton of grapes: 720 bottles

One Acre of Vineyards – Low yield for high quality wines = 2-4 tons

One Acre of Vineyards – High yield for less expensive wines = 10 tons

Case Good Metrics

Pounds of grapes in a case of wine: 30 lbs

Pounds of grapes in a bottle: 2.5 lbs

Cases of finished wine in a ton of grapes: 60 cases

Bulk Wine Metrics

How many bottles of wine in a barrel?

One bottle of wine = 750 ml or 1/5 of a gallon

One Barrel = 60 gallons – 25 cases or 300 750 ml bottles

One Ton of Grapes = approximately 700 bottles of wine