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Vineyards for sale in Paso Robles, CA 93446The experts with the Pacifica Winery Division, part of Pacifica Commercial Realty, have established professional and friendly relationships with a large group of winery and vineyard owners looking to sell their investment property to the right buyer. Potential buyers should know the ins and outs of a vineyard and winery. A vineyard is a farm. Grapes are cultivated, harvested and processed at wineries, oftentimes operated by an estate manager. Paso Robles vineyard owners decide whether to sell the majority of their crop, which pays for the vineyard’s overhead, or they may keep some or all of the fruit for wine to be made for themselves and their friends. Grapes are then crushed, bottled, stored and sold at a winery. Check out the vineyards for sale in Paso Robles below, then give us a call for more information.

Paso Robles vineyards for sale

4,700,000Chimney Rock Rd.+/- 80 acre Ranch with+/- 62 acres of premium wine grapes currently contracted with prestigious wineries in the region. There are 3 private residences on the property as well as a classic barn and an equipment barn.

Vineyards Sold in the Paso Robles Area

Price - Sold Location Description
Sold - $8,500,000Buena Vista Dr. 342 Acres, 92 Acre Vineyard, Buildings
Sold - $5,550,000Creston Ridge Lane 278 Acres, 94 Acre Vineyard, Estate Home
Sold - $3,136,000Anderson Rd. 102 Acres, 34 Acre Vineyard, Home, Modular, Horse Facility
Sold - $3,100,000Las Tablas Willow Creek87 Acres, 46 Acres Planted
Sold - $2,975,000W. Highway 4635 acres, 18 acres planted
Sold - $2,850,000Buena Vista Dr. 82 Acres, 50 Acre Vineyard, Estate Home
Sold - $2,500,000Von Dollen Rd. 160 Acres, Vineyard, Estate Home
Sold - $2,400,000Willow Creek Rd40 Acres, 16 acres planted, house
Sold - $2,375,000Feenstra Rd. 79 Acres, 60 acre vineyard
Sold - $2,325,000Kiler Canyon Rd. 130 Acres, 28 Acre Vineyard, Estate Home
Sold - $2,316,775Township Rd14 Acres, 9 acre vineyard with variety of plantings. 1200 Sq ft home
Sold - $2,222,000Gates Field Rd 39 Acres, 6.6 Acre Vineyard, house
Sold - $2,100,000Creston Rd 85 Acres, 60 acre cab vineyard, small house, horse barn, 2 wells
Sold- $2,005,000Wellsona Rd.40Acres, 3000 Sf house, large wine cellar,Vineyard 11.75 Acre Cab, 14.2 Ac Merlot, 4.65 Acre Syrah
Sold - $1,950,000Arbor Rd, Paso Robles19 Acres, 18 Acre Vineyard, large home
Sold - $1,900,000Vineyard Ranch Way 118 Acres, 21 Acre Vineyard, Home
Sold - $1,800,000San Marcos Rd, Paso Robles+/- 70 acres, 23 acre cab vineyard, 3 wells, large estate home, full equistrian center
Sold - $1,657,500White Hawk, Templeton23 Acres, 10 Acre vineyard, large 3352 Sf house
Sold - $1,650,000Arbor Rd, 26 Acres, 14 Acre Vineyard, Estate Home
Sold - $1,630,000Twelve Oaks10 Acres, 7 Acres Planted, House
Sold - $1,625,000Township Rd. 50 Acres, 24 Acre Vineyard, house
Sold - $1,625,000Vineyard Dr. 29.85 Acres, 7 Acre Vineyard, Home, B&B
Sold- $1,601,000High Ridge Rd,
Paso Robles
10 Acres, small vineyard, perfect for the hobby winemaker. Garden area w/ assorted fruit trees and greenhouse. Panoramic wine country views.
Sold - $1,575,000Las Tablas Willow Creek Rd. 41 Acres, 15 Acres Planted
Sold - $1,550,000Mill Rd, Paso Robles 131 Acres, 26 acres in vineyard, farmhouse and outbuildings
Sold - $1,550,000Neal Springs 90 Acres, 24 Acre Vineyard, Home
Sold - $1,491,750Windwood Rd 16.8 Acres, 7 acre cab vineyard, 4434 Sq ft. House, Includes equipment, 2500 sq ft Shop, Pool
Sold - $1,457,500Sky Ridge Dr. 7.3 Acres, 4 Acre terraced vineyard, 3054 sq ft. Residence
Sold - $1,265,000Creston Ridge Lane 42 Acres, 14 Acre Vineyard, Farm House, Outbuildings
Sold - $1,250,000Adelaida Rd. 100 Acres, 5 Acre Vineyard
Sold - $1,237,000Blueball Lane 20 Acres, 14 Acre Vineyard, House
Sold - $1,200,000Wilderness50 Acres, 25 Acre Vineyard
Sold - $1,075,000California Poppy Way 14.8 Acres, 2 Acre Vineyard
Sold - $1,000,000Ridge Rd. 10.8 Acres, 9.5 Acres in vines planted in 1920 Small home, Oldest Vineyard in the region
Sold - $995,000Del Mar Lane 10 Acres, 6 Acre Vineyard, 2 homes
Sold - $890,000Willow Creek Rd. 10 Acres, 3 Acre Vineyard, Home
Sold- $885,000El Pomar, Templeton 45 Acres, 37 Acre Vineyard, 5 more acres plantable, old buildings
Sold - $880,000Linne Rd. 33 Acres, 14 Acre Vineyard, Farm house, Outbuildings
Sold - $832,280W Highway 466.75 Acres, 3 Acre Vineyard, TTM 4 Lots
Sold - $799,000S. El Pomar Rd. 10 Acres, 7 Acre Vineyard, home
Sold- $720,000Hidden Acre Ln,
Paso Robles
producing vineyard, 10 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, close to town, on the Wine Trail with a contract
Sold - $375,000Old Ford Road 11.34 Acres, 9 Acre Vineyard, Shop


When looking to purchase either or both, why should a potential investor look to the Paso Robles wine region as opposed to other sites in California? Perhaps the declaration by Wine Enthusiast of Paso Robles as the 2013 Wine Region of the year is reason enough. Wine Enthusiast Magazine says:

  • Wine regions far more famous than Paso Robles produce great wines, but few places exhibit the spirit and can-do positivity of this Central Coast appellation.
  • It’s not easy for a wine region to reinvent itself, but Paso is doing it with flair. Put another way, it’s the region to watch.
  • Whether the varieties are Spanish, French, Italian, or, as with Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, historically Californian, Paso vintners can tinker with blends and styles that would be unfeasible in other regions more bound by tradition and consumer expectations.

Pretty impressive? You bet it is and, at Pacifica, we are very proud of our Paso Robles Wine Country region – and we love to show it off! The experts at the Pacifica Winery Division have current listings in the east and west side of Paso Robles, San Miguel, Creston, Shandon, Templeton, the Adelaide region, and outlying areas of San Luis Obispo County. Some of the listings are strictly vineyards, while others have established wineries, tasting rooms, family estate homes, barns and outbuildings.

Need more convincing? Check out the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance website at www.pasowine.com to learn more about various vineyards in the area that are currently producing award-winning wines. One glance will no doubt show those interested why this region has fast become the place to be for vineyard and winery owners and entrepreneurs.

When looking to purchase a winery or vineyard along the Central Coast of California, specifically in the Paso Robles Wine Country region, buyers continually look to our team for the integrity, superior market knowledge and commitment to superior client satisfaction that sets us apart from others.

Considering selling an established Paso Robles vineyard or winery? Let the Pacifica Wine Division experts prepare a detailed analysis of the property and help establish a listing that will fit your needs.

Vineyards for sale in Paso Robles, CA 93446

To inquire about buying or selling a vineyard please call (805) 237-4040.

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