Pacifica Wine Division, Paso Robles Specialists For Vineyards For Sale, Releases ‘Tips For Creating Curb Appeal For Wineries’

–Sprucing up a winery that is going up for sale adds eye appeal and value to the property. Pacifica Wine Division, featuring wineries for sale in Paso Robles, know that even when the winery is not on the market, there is still a lot to be said for creating curb appeal.

Visitors looking for a winery are looking for landmarks to tell them they have arrived. Potential customers who are driving along a wine trail are more likely to spontaneously turn into a winery with an attractive entrance regardless of their original destination.

Buyers are going to be favorably impressed by an attractive and appealing entrance. The more turnkey factors that are featured with a winery for sale, the quicker the buyer will be in business. Signage and landscaping are a big part of business continuity after a sale.

The top tips for impressive curb appeal for a winery for sale in Paso Robles, or anywhere, are:

  • Landscaping: Low maintenance landscaping adds to the natural beauty already surrounding the winery. Water-wise landscaping also called drought-tolerant or xeriscaping is popular for a good reason. Saving water is important and landscaping with plants that are native to California (or wherever the winery is located) is good for the soil and attracts birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Well-positioned shrubs and flowers near an entrance, or along a road or path are visually appealing and create an enjoyable drive and walk to the main buildings. Grouping plants in small clusters at strategic locations such as near gates, doorways, the entrance to parking and seating areas is an inexpensive way to add appeal and a subtle way to draw attention to the strongest physical features of the property. Check with local nurseries that specialize in native plants for the best planting ideas. There are even native California grasses that can be used for drought-tolerant lawns.
  • Signage: Clean and repaint any existing signs and make sure the entry sign at the road includes the address in letters large enough to be easily seen from passing vehicles. Add an “Open Now” or “Welcome” sign. Even though buyers are usually arriving with your real estate agent, an inviting entrance is the first important visual impression.
  • Gates and fences: Repair sagging gates. Give wooden gates a fresh coat of paint or stain. Repair fences and paint or stain wood fences. If the fencing surrounds the property has fallen into disrepair, as fences do over time, repair the sections that will be the most visible to potential buyers. Even tightening up the sagging wire and painting wood posts and panels will make a big difference.
  • Roads, parking, and paths: Repair roads, parking spaces, and paths. Especially the entry driveway and path and others that are frequently traveled and potential buyers will be driving and walking on. No one likes driving over a rough, rutted and pothole-filled road. Paths need to be smooth and safe to walk on. When the budget doesn’t allow a complete repaving, fill in potholes on roads and uneven ground on paths.
  • Usual and unusual touches: A fresh coat of paint is one way to make a property sparkle. Make sure outside lighting is working. Other surprising and unusual touches that add to a properties appearance are colorful accents. Add some brightly colored pots with flowering plants. Brighten up seating areas with fresh cushions and shade umbrellas. Accent highly visual spaces with something unusual. Thrift stores and a coat of bright paint are a quick way to add an unusual feature. Something that has no apparent use suddenly becomes a focal point in a garden, near the main entrance, or along a well-traveled path.

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