Pacific Winery Division Helps Buyers of Wineries For Sale In Paso Robles Determine The Value Of Tasting Rooms

Wine country and wine tasting go hand-in-hand, but is it the best strategy to pass over buying a winery or vineyard because it does not come with a tasting room? Pacific Winery Division, specialists in vineyards and wineries for sale in Paso Robles, has some solid advice to help buyers determine the value of tasting rooms to their new wine business.

A property that already has a tasting room is definitely a plus. Building a tasting room is one less thing the buyer needs to worry about. A tasting room is definitely a good way to introduce wines to the public, especially for small production wineries that don’t have the annual case yield to meet the larger market demands. There is much to be said for the friendships and vintage loyalties that can develop between customers and the winemaker during discussions over a good glass of wine. Visiting these elite small-production wineries and participating in their wine clubs, is a status that many wine appreciators enjoy, even brag about to friends and family.

The technical term for a tasting room and wine club sales is “direct to consumer,” or DtC. According to a 2018 report in “Menninger’s Wine Business International,” tasting rooms are a relatively new venture for the wine industry, only arriving full-force within the last 30 to 40 years. This report states that increasingly, “US wineries are cutting out the middlemen,” and relying more and more on tasting room and wine club sales, especially in light of the growth of wine tourism.

In 2017, wine drinkers purchased $2.69 billion worth of wine directly from wineries. The Menninger’s report expects that number to top $3 billion in 2018. The significance of these figures is that 10-percent of total winery sales are DtC and of the almost 10,000 wineries in the United States, 95-percent fall into the DtC category and 60-percent are small family wineries.

A tasting room can definitely be a profit center, but turning down a savvy purchase on a vineyard or winery property because there is no tasting room or suitable structure, may not be the wisest decision. Pacifica Wine Division, the experts for vineyard and winery sales in Paso Robles, are problem solvers for helping buyers get into the perfect wine property for their dreams and goals. Here are some questions and answers to think about before turning down what might be the ideal property:

  • Are you looking for an existing vineyard and winery? If you plan on changing the vineyard or the winemaking process in any way, you might want to hold off on a tasting room until your new wine is perfected.
  • Are you looking for raw land to turn into a vineyard? A tasting room is a little down the road before grapes are harvesting and wine is bottled.
  • Is your plan to assume the vineyard and winemaking process as it exists and gradually make changes to the vines and winemaking? In this case, there are several options to create a tasting room on the property.

The winery professionals at Pacifica Wine Division are ready to sit down and go over the tasting room options for any vineyard property or winery for sale in Paso Robles or on the Central Coast.

Give Pacifica Wine Division a call today for a tour of available properties and to discuss tasting room options.

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