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Richard Sauret Vineyard

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Property Description

–  The property is a working vineyard, improved with perimeter fencing, internal road, wells, water storage distribution and irrigation system.
– Parcel info, APN 027-041-024 contains 20.90 acres and is accessed from Nonpareil Court via an easement.
– The high point of this parcel is at the north end of the Property where the water tank is located.
– The south facing slope is planted with 11 acres of wine grapes.
– The Property has rolling hills with a two hundred foot elevation change from the lowest to the highest elevation on each  parcel.
– The soil designation is primarily “Nacimiento silty clay loam”.
– There is electrical service to the property.
– There is no natural gas service on the Property.


11 Acres Zinfandel, Petite Syrah and Alicante Bouschet grapes:
• Sauret Zinfandel – 3,850 vines
• Paderewski Zinfandel – 30 vines
• Petite Syrah – 1,470 vines
• Alicante Bouschet – 1,041 vines
The vineyards are planted with 8 acres of Richard Sauret clone Zinfandel planted in 1985 on its own roots, at a 12 X 12 spacing, head pruned.
In 2001 the vineyards were interplanted with Richard Sauret clone Zinfandel on 110R root stock, resulting in 12 X 6 spacing, head pruned
There are also 3 acres of Petite Syrah and 2 acres of Alicante Bouschet planted and interplanted in the same years and spacing as the Zinfandel, also head pruned.
In 2013 the vineyard yielded 30 tons; 2.86 tons per acre, which was sold to Opolo Cellars for $2,800 per ton.
In 2014 the vineyard yielded 20 tons; 1.8 tons per ace, which was sold to Opolo Cellars for $2,800 per ton.



The Vineyard has 1 producing well 
– 520 foot deep well producing 18 gallons per minute with a 5 HP pump and a 5,000 gallon storage tank.



Paso Robles Ground Water Ordinance

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